slippery chicken code


There are a few useful little functions that I have written which you are welcome to download, use, and hack. They are written in Common LISP for use in slippery chicken.

I will update this from time to time so please check back. If you have any questions about anything then please shoot me an email: mr[dot]danielross[at]gmail[dot]com.

Aquamacs customisation – change the way the code editor packaged with sc looks

Above-the-staff Lilypond dynamics – place Lilypond dynamics above the staff.

add-buzz.lsp – add a buzz roll to a note in lilypond.

copy-bars-sc2sc.lsp – a hacked version of copy-bars.lsp. This method takes the bars of one sc object and adds them to another.

event-test.lsp – return the nth non-rest event

harm-list.lsp – use get-harmonics to generate a set-palette

make-quick-qt-chromatic.lsp – round fast quarter-tone notes to the nearest chromatic pitch

make-scale.lsp – make a scale

mexpand.lsp – CLM time-stretch instrument

pause-last.lsp – add a pause mark to the last note of every part of a piece.

samp2.lsp – CLM sampler with filters, lfos and waveshaping

set-pop-lims.lsp – create set-limits using make-popcorn

splinter.lsp – CLM granulation instrument

swap-marks.lsp – swap one mark for another


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