(Generally) Algorithmic Compositions

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.57.38

List of Selected Works

quid pro qua qua  – 2016
algorithmic analysis and re-generation of recorded improvisations with real-time electronics

Penance – 2016
algorithmically manipulated choral music and real-time electronics

Rondo del Computer – 2016
for disklavier

Roddart: Explode – 2016
trumpet & real-time electronics

Prelude for Disklavier & Live Electronics – 2015
disklavier & score-following electronics

Huge Noise – 2015
for SATB choir

Roddart: I Remember – 2015
trumpet & real-time electronics

The Fib – 2014
two sopranos, alto & score-following electronics VIEW SCORE

Soluble in Water – 2010
for organ, cathedral & live multichannel electronics VIEW SCORE

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