Beethoven Was Wrong

Beethoven Was Wrong on Resonance FM

The Engine Room

Finalist at The Engine Room 2015


Electro-Instrumental Duo

Morley College

Daniel teaching at Morley College.

Some Some Unicorn

Some Some Unicorn – Large Collective of Like-Minded Musical Magpies SSU is a large collective of like minded musical magpies under the laid back eye of composer and improviser Shaun Blezard. The band features members of Hugs Bison, Breathing Space, Pere Ubu, Beats and Pieces Big Band, Roddart, Ripsaw Catfish, Wire Assembly, Inclusion Principle, World […]

Classwar Karaoke

I am so happy to be involved in the latest Classwar Karaoke release, Survey 0032. I first met the wonderful Anthony Donovan in September 2015 when he took a risk and put me on the bill for a Classwar gig without ever having heard me play live. You can hear a recording here. This project […]


Noizemaschin!! Bandcamp release featuring my live set plus loads more music.

SEEM London

SEEM (South-East Experimental Music) London

Ghosts of Paradise Yard

Ghosts of Paradise Yard,
A Sound Art Triptych

Beckenham Place Park Soundwalk

Soundwalk app for Beckenham Place Park


Here is a link to my Github.


Percussionist virtuoso Rosie Bergonzi plays the handpan and Daniel James Ross tries to make it sound less nice with glitchy electronics. Recorded live at the Horniman Museum as part of “Sounds from the Garden” and the Being Human Festival, 17th November 2019.

Giant Leap

Algorithmically generated graphic score piece for mixed improvising ensemble and tape. Written especially for Daylight Music 312 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. Iris Garrelfs – vocals Roger Redgate – violin & electronics Adrian Montufar – flute Michael Zbyszynski – saxophones Shereen Mouratsing – electric guitar & pedals Ashley Paul – tenor […]

Tracing the Sky

I developed the interactive audio spacialisation for 14 – 20 July 2019, Manchester International Festival From “In Jiayu Liu’s Tracing the Sky, a hidden underground space in a busy city is transformed into an immersive sanctuary. Under a Victorian shopping arcade, a space void of physical content is filled with floating motion graphics […]